Furninture Restoration Services

A Master's Brush repairs and restores furniture and cabinets.  We are finicky about lacquers, preparation, and finish work.  We work on wood, but we specialize in restoring value, nostalgia, and enjoyment! 

Our complete refinishing process is described below.  Our restoration process is similar, except we don’t strip everything down to bare wood, and we address only those areas with problems.

Restoration Process
1.    Strip to bare wood using specific chemical strippers and specialized sanding techniques
2.    Repair gauges, nicks, and dings
3.    Apply stain to wood to create desired color
4.    Sand the wood again as the grain will rise after staining
5.    Apply lacquer, number of coats varies
6.    Use specialized "toning" sprays to get even coloration across the piece
7.    Apply clear coat, number of coats varies

Here is a list of our most popular services: